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Industrial touch display principle
- Dec 09, 2019 -

Industrial display applications

Public infrastructure

2. Automotive industry

3. Food and Drink

4. Mechanical Automation

Industrial touch display principle

Touch screen systems typically include a touch screen controller (card) and a touch detection device. The main function of the touch screen controller (card) is to receive touch information from the touch point detection device, convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU. The CPU can also receive commands sent by the touch point. CPU and execute it: The touch detection device is usually installed on the front of the display, and its main function is to detect the user's touch position and transmit it to the touch screen control card

The industrial display has strong flexibility, can add or add functional modules according to design requirements, has strong scalability, can meet complex process control processes, and can even directly communicate through the network system and PLC communication, which greatly facilitates processing. And control data transmission. Reduce maintenance.

Industrial display features

The micro-embedded industrial touch screen / industrial touch display is very transparent and directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. Transparency has a certain degree of transparency. The infrared technology touch screen and the surface acoustic wave touch screen are separated by a layer of pure glass. Transparency can be considered a leader. Other touch screens should be checked carefully. "Transparent" is very useful in the touch screen industry. General concept, many industrial displays are multilayer composite films

Due to the existence of transparency and wavelength curve images, the images seen through industrial displays inevitably produce color distortions from the original images. Static image perception is only color distortion, while dynamic multimedia images are not very comfortable. Color distortion is also the largest color distortion in the picture. Naturally, the smaller the better, the better. The usual transparency is just the average transparency in the picture. Of course, the higher the better.