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What are the differences between industrial touch screens and commercial touch screen panels
- Dec 11, 2019 -

With the continuous development of science and technology, the products of many industries are constantly being subdivided. The advantage of subdivision is that the industry has specialization and saves manufacturing costs. As the latest computer input device, the touch screen is a simple, convenient and natural accessory for human-machine interface. It is easy to use, sturdy and durable, has fast response speed, saves space and other advantages. Focus on all walks of life.

The use of touch screens in commercial displays is as follows, such as cash registers, cash registers, self-service order machines, etc.

In the past, there were not many requirements for the type and application environment of touch screens. However, as the demand continues to increase and the scope of applications is getting wider, touch screens have also been divided into many types. The major aspects are commercial touch screens and industrial ones. Touch screen, etc.

Commercial touch screen, its standard is to have security, can display images, touch screen without embedded system, can not run independently; industrial touch screen is an industry standard screen, different from commercial, industrial screen with embedded The touch screen of the system can be operated independently without additional host.

In addition to the above theoretical description, the industrial touch screen and the commercial touch screen can be distinguished from the environmental characteristics, optical characteristics, electronic characteristics, mechanical characteristics, and durability of the touch screen.

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