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7 Inch Programmable LCD Touch Screen

7 Inch Programmable LCD Touch Screen

Shenzhen Xinhechang Technology is a Chinese commercial display equipment solution service provider, producing LCD splicing screens, splicing screens, touch screens for LCD monitors, touch screens for LCD advertising machines, etc.

I Specifications of Product :

Supply voltage:DC 24V

Standby power consumption :0.65W (27mA)

Maximum power consumption: 0.77W (32mA)

Screen color: 65000 true colors

Screen size: 7 inches

Screen resolution: 1024 × 600dpi

IO :input 2

Control communication port :EC-NET bus B

Project download interface :1 USB download interface

Dimensions :(W × H × D) 185mm × 110mm × 38mm

Cutout size: (W × H × D) 176mm × 110mm × 55mm

II Features of Product :

1, 7 inch full touch screen control;

2. Input power DC 24V;

3. Use ARM processing chip, support multi-tasking process, powerful, built-in clock function;

4, 7-inch TFT65000 true color industrial screen, 1024 * 600 resolution;

5, 2 IO inputs, can be connected to sensor inputs;

6. Panel material and color, optional: 6 glass black \ 9 glass white

7. EC-NET bus B, which can freely write and change the display interface, which is flexible and changeable;

8. Equipped with interface programming software and control programming software, which can freely write and replace the display interface. The graphical interface supports pictures, graphics, text, and keys;

9. The interface engineering and control program are stored in the chip, and the function is upgraded by docking with the computer via USB;

10. When the control program function is upgraded, it can be added, deleted and modified directly on the original file, which is easy to use.

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